Sunday, March 14, 2010

songs for sunday

high road by broken bells

my life by jj

I want a house by twin sister

this song might be too crazy for many of you, but give it a chance.... and you tube her because she's interesting to watch...
Spiracal by soap & skin

sometimes music can just sound like NOISE. we are clouded by too many choices. So many options that we decide we'd rather not weed through the mess. I feel that way with a lot of different things this year. I'm about to go to South By South West in austin this week. If you are going to be there stop by the Westword stage- HERE's the info. But I feel overwhelmed by the idea of even going, considering there will be thousands of bands, thousands of options, thousands of people whoa. this is why I only post a few songs on sunday... why give you so much that you won't even listen to it!


can i just say that I can't stop dreaming about moving to france. It's all I really want to do right now. I've decided that I'm going to go for a month in late fall and just rome around the country for a while, maybe rent an apartment and pretend I live there for a short time. AH. just felt like staying in bed and dreaming about that today. I guess it's the weather...

I'm having shirts printed today! and I'm having bags made. Plus I'm making more "one of a kind" shirts for the cd release. i'm thinking I should make dresses like this, with a different saying and some tights, I wonder if I can make tights like this... hmm...

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