Tuesday, January 22, 2002


These are some of my song lyrics. I haven't posted all of them obviously, but you can read these for now and I will be updating more soon.
verse 1:
You left a dream on the sidewalk
and now you're cautious when you cross the streets
you made a plan to love me
and now you look both ways when we go to meet
how long has your head been like this?
How long have you stood there watching me

Glass wall you're lovely and I would love you if you only wanted me to
Glass wall you're lonely and I would love you if you gave me a reason to stay

verse 2:
once in a while you''ll make some headway
but then slow down when you start to bleed
I don't blame you for a second
cause it takes everything inside of me not to leave
how long has your head been like this
how long have you stood there watching me


Glass wall (3x) and i would love you if you gave me a reason to stay

You've got a busy tone
when you called emergency
I heard you on the phone

cause that's when you started calling me

There's no escape plan
B is out of question
so stay or keep on walking oh
stay or keep on walking


Dial tone you've got your doubts doubts
Dial tone you've got your Doubts doubts
everybody needs you and you need a way out out out

Take a look at my eyes
take a look at me now
I've been holding you back and
you've been holding me down

I know it's harsh
but it's the truth
everybody's packing so

put on your parachute

Put on your parachute chute chute chute chute,
chute chute chute, chute

you're invisible
you just jumped from the plane
you never spoke to me again
Is like this never happened

my anomaly
I trusted you with my bones
at our highest distance
I tried to let you go


Tears they Drop Drop
I”m in a plane crash stop stop stop
fallin, falling down down

I wish I could forget your name
but as we started crashing
I remembered everything


Are you Listening?
My fingers are tied to the clouds
With every wind I'm wrestling
to find the ground

You've been sleeping
break lights beaming
shadows framing
the window seal and your window desk
bad dreams and lightening
I'm just waking up, in a cold sweat


Silent eyes cause I'm, a stunning disappointed mess

pull the curtains on, steady as steady gets
ah ha ooo ooo ooooo

held too tightly to the present and that's what I missed
writing letters and driving till the sun has slept
here comes the daylight and I'm letting go but I'm still upset



courage where have you gone, can you hear me
courage where have you gone, can you see me
courage where have you gone, have you used me?
I'm feeling lonesome, I'm feeling lonely


I took out my pen to write you a letter
I'm losing the argument but somehow feeling better
I wish this were a dream

you saw the locked door so you jumped out the window
so afraid of your own shadow
and I'm seeing us in a freeze frame


scared and tired of asking you to stay,
this is how is goes, you're lining up in rows

I met you in a dream ten years ago, when
I met you in person I couldn't let it go
my dreams began to speak

pages and pages of memories,
distant tear drops and flickering scenes
put a wrinkle on my cheek

If you loved me I'm sure you didn't
I'm spending all this time trying to forget it
and every line written on this page
I couldn't bring myself to say


Scared and tired of asking you to stay
so I'm telling you go
stop lining up in rows
saying the same thing I already know.


you were always breakable
I was always kind
nothing could have changed your mind
or made up for lost time

I heard the diamonds in the sky had fallen,
I knew the sparkle in your eyes had died and there
was nothing nothing I could do

You were always made of Gold
I was always blind
If you had the chance to do it over
I know that you would recognize the sparkles in my eyes tonight.

Vs 2
you were indispensable
I had tired eyes
Once life had taken a toll on us
I hung up my pride


The sun sets just for you
and the stars shoot all in your honor tonight
The sky changes all of it's color
and the wind blows through these windows with you in mind
with you in mind

You're a gem honey quiet lost treasure.
Silent loves deeply
no ones made like you these days

Verse 2:
I smile just for you
and I raise my glass to give you proof
to give you proof
we chat while you're gone of
all the things and all the reason
why we love, the way we do

Beat Beat Pound

I'm lost and I've packed my bags tonight
I can't seem to find enough reasons to make it right
street lights through these windows are where you stare
your heart is in the silence in the air

It's raining and pouring
I'm waving and leaving this behind

You don't define me
It's the other way around
Put your ear to my chest
hear my heart beat, beat pound

I asked all the wrong questions at the time
I know you never really got me that's alright
Life has a funny way of working things out
but I've been searching and in doubt

you don't define me
it's the other way around put
your ear to my chest
hear my heart beat beat pound


Sit down on the porch and stare up at the sky
this was the risk I took to turn back time
you sat down beside me and laughing out loud
I can still hear the radio playing in the background

I won't forget you (2X) my dear
you were so honest and you were too kind
porch seats still swinging and you are on my mind

Vs 2:
won't forget your memories your shadows we embrace
pictures hung on this wall in this house we had to face
hear you yellin for me down these empty halls
this was the risk I took to remember this place


get up off the porch
I know I can't stay
I hold on tight, say my goodbye's


no where to go to rest your head, nobody's lying in your bed
I was picking up the slack but I'm the only one whose got your back

pull up your boots put on your vest, rollin in your sundays best
strapped all your guns to your chest with one last and final request

ten feet between us the crowd around in awe of my bridal gown
silence arests us final hour 10 pangs from the clock tower

-oh oh oh-

I hit the ground dropped my gun
dust went flying and I'm starin into the sun,
gasps from this small town everyone,
gathered round

-oh oh oh-

If you really were a man you'd say so but you just whipped out all your guns and your layin low, i'm tired of the scenery and you are tired of lovin me

so this is how it ends, look how were dressed
now there's a heart shaped wound in my chest

-oh oh oh-
this is a funeral, put me underground isn't it beautiful-
orange sky hitting the dust, goodbye, goodluck


Verse 1
isn't that nice, nice and easy just the way you'd like you'd like to see me
wrap me in a box all tight and neatly, i don't need to fight cause you don't believe me

I know you think I'm selfish but you don't understand, why my feet don't move the way
yours can. you say what you think you heard, but you didn't listen to a single word.


Here i am a machine now, on repeat in this motion I can't say why
waking up screaming aching lungs seeing, I wanna know why
and I'm waiting to dream out loud (2x)

(verse 2)
Breakin the rules everyday, sayin the things that you couldn't say
doin what you wouldn't do, here's to the difference between me and you

i'm waiting to dream out loud

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