Wednesday, July 30, 2008

oh do tune in

news, and other exciting things:

1. I'll be on 101.5 tomorrow morning bright and early! 7:45 am, please do tune in!

2. The Denver Post Underground music fest is this weekend! come hear me play @ 11pm friday with a full band!

3. Sweet Action! is my new etsy shop/clothing company, some of you know that I make design shirts and other various clothing items.! this will be up September 1... so watch out for it!

4. We'll be playing with Meiko next week at the b. side lounge! she is phenominal! check out the poster on the right for the addy.

so you are all probably wondering, what is Danger! arts? Well this it's my company, which many DBU's are formed under- including my new clothing company, Sweet Action! So there you go people, no more questions and no more confusion.

WOW! maybe my favorite movie out right now, so I had to share:

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