Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was sitting near the pedestrian bridge on 15th and platte minding my own business, when i had a run in with the law. the officer pulled up, rolled down his window and said something I couldn't hear. I picked up my things and went over to ask him if something sketchy was going down in the neighborhood, I said, "I keep seeing all of these cops!" He proceeded to tell me that it was just him driving by over and over again. At this point- I really didn't understand what he was talking about. He asked if I was ok, and I said yes, nothing's wrong here. After that moment, he got out of the car and said "Oh good! I thought you were going to Jump!"

It took me a moment to realize that he thought I was going to commit suicide, because I had been sitting near the bridge for a half an hour. ha!

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