Saturday, August 16, 2008

is she a he?

This story is hilarious, I was reading about the olympics and randomly ended up on a blog with this story on it. So back in the day there was this olympic gold medalist
was from poland, her name was Stanisława Walasiewicz. Basically she kicked ass when it came to sports setting over 100 national and world records. HOLD UP!! when she died they found out that she was not a she. In fact, she was more of a He than a she. OK! Basically her male organs were way more obvious than her female ones. They thought about taking all of her accomplishments out of the olympic records but in the end the International olympic committee made no comment. This, my friends, is why when you compete in the olympics you have to take a gender determination test!! WOW.

is she a he? i guess so!

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