Friday, August 15, 2008

lovely friends. lovely places.

So I stopped drinking coffee again. yesterday was a pain- my head hurt like someone had beat me up and shoved me into a brick wall head first! so people I don't recommend getting addicted to coffee and then taking yourself off of it. But I must say I am so much happier and alert without it, wooooo luckily the pain was only for a day.

we went to cafe etoile this morning. and frankly we all ordered the same breakfast panini and it was delicious.
nathan didn't want his picture taken, but he is enjoying the monsieur sandwich...

yes I decided to sell them this picture for their next marketing brochure! ha.

yeah I'm a fan of this place they have amazingly good food... it's on pearl just south of alameda- GO there! but they are only open for breakfast and lunch till 2.

this is my lovely friend daylene. she's hilarious people.

this is me and sarah's living room. and this is sarah my roommate. yes we enjoy mod.

if she see's this pic she is going to kill me. But Sarah everyone, is one of the loveliest people ever! We were making goals last night and well the gun point and wink is always a good way to end a goal making session.

Well kids we are on our way to amazing accomplishments. You should see our list of must do's... mine is extremely long. But hey just so you all know I am going to be conquering all things crazy this winter. If any of you want to join you should let us know what your craziest goal is for the winter. Oh and I need a running buddy. if you run 5 miles a day, then let me know

Oh and btw... the Shop with the shirts will be up September 1. yes BE THERE!

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Daylene Wilson said...

O I love you Andrea... I feel so honored!


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