Thursday, August 21, 2008

moment of weakness.

yesterday out of a moment of weakness i bought these amazing boots and this crazy dress. I think we are going to use them for some future pictures. and well i'm crazy enough to wear it around town.... pretty much. ha.

I am feeling a lack of inspiration today. it's one of those days..... you know. so what inspires you?
this photo inspires me....

on another topic... I went to the 9 news building yesterday morning and well it was very high security there. No one was in the lobby and no one would let me in. I waited for about 5 mins before I decided there was definitely someone watching me. so i looked up to the ceiling and said- "I think this is rediculous I know someone is watching me right now" then I pointed at the ceiling and left the building. well before you know it the security guy came running after me! LOLOLOLOL. ok I wasn't really expecting that but whateva, at least I was able to drop off my stuff. *sigh*

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