Monday, August 18, 2008

dream or reality?

This morning I woke myself up from a dream I was having. In the dream I heard sarah saying "andrea, andrea!" in this low sad scared voice. She was cutting off her fingers! so i woke up thinking this was complete reality and just started yelling "sarah Sarah! stop, are you ok!?" I was extremely loud and just started to quickly get out of my bed when I realized, sarah was NOT cutting off her fingers and this was just all deliriousness talking. It just cracked me up cause never before have I woken up from a dream thinking it was still complete reality. woooooo. (luckily sarah was not awoken by my craziness, but hopefully one day I'll have a recording of her when she talks in her sleep, ha)
any of you having nightmere's out there?


C. said...

Yeah, but my nightmares aren't as "exciting" as yours. They involve me either 1) being back in school, or 2) retaking the exam and running out of time before I even start writing.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Sarah said...

one time sarah really did cut her finger off when i was roommates with her. watch out, dude.

andrea ball said...

lol. lol.
i'll watch it.


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