Saturday, September 6, 2008

funny things we all forgot about.

ok well today an older man basically asked for my hand in Marriage. I refused, but he kept offering houses and cars and free living. It was quite the proposal. ha! I mean when he said i could live for free on the beach in a separate bedroom, i was speechless. ha! ok.? ! if you want to be my boyfriend don't offer me homes and cars the first day you meet me ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i was thinking about something today that triggered a few funny things from when i was 8 and i had to share!
lord of the dance. when i was a kid this was the biggest hit of the 90's... and every time me and my brother saw a commercial for it we would laugh sooooo hard, and this brings me back to those moments of making fun of michael flately.
do you think this is what ultimately inspired the making of braveheart?

Y2k. This video is for real! it's no spoof my friends. LOL! just wait till you see the end.

ultimately i think this is what made justin famous. I know- maybe you haven't forgotten but at least you haven't seen it in a long time!!!

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C. said...

Wait, what state did this guy live in? COULD I MARRY HIM?!

Seriously though, who DOES that?! Hahahahaha. I hope you didn't break his heart too badly.


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