Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am also trying to breathe!

ok well everyone sorry for no new posts until now- I was working and working and working and finally today I have the day off.but here is what my all time high is- I am officially famous, I went to my my space page and found that I had 8,000 plays today. yeah! woo! OH YEAH!

jk. the player must be broken. but hey you never know, maybe someone completely famous added me to their top friends. ha.
well I'm working on new music today and I promised you a before and after of the piano so here it is-

the before:

I'm half way done gutting it and we'll see how it goes.

well I want you all to know that I'm going to sigur ros this weekend and hopefully seeing some of the fall leaves somehow somewhere. I'll bring back pics of the show for you next week.

the most random thing happened to me yesterday...
I was at a petroleum convention (don't ask why). It didn't take long to realize that almost everyone was a republican conservative who flew in from texas, which was completely expected. I was minding my own business and keeping all my opinions about anything to myself, but at one point I was cornered by a man who started going off about Obama and how much he hated him. Once I left that conversation, luckily uninjured, I ended up in another conversation. This guy (granted there were no women at the convention) wanted to move to colorado but then proceeded to say that maybe he wouldn't because too many "weird" people live here. He was referring to gay people- ahhhhhhh. At this point I was keeping my mouth shut, all I wanted was to get the heck out of there. But before you know it (without any mention of anything) I was told that if I didn't believe in the War I was crazy and stupid.
ok! GOT TO LOVE IT! please don't let me know your opinions 2 inches from my face! i'm also trying to breathe.

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Stevie Necks said...

You look like you are ACTUALLY giddy/trembling with excitement at the impending pianomassacre, like a small child being handed a large ice-cream. x


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