Thursday, September 4, 2008

the world wide web has information about you.

I found these pics when i googled myself today. They are by Brian Carney and of one of the first shows I played this year... he's a good photographer yes? you all need to google yourselves so that you know what's out there! ha. you'd be surprised i bet.

sometimes i sing angry songs hence this look:

on another note, i want you to know that i have an obsession with popsicles. I like them a lot. One day I specifically grabbed a friend and we drove to five points so that we could have a mexican popsicle. I'm telling you what if you are going to have a popsicle you've got to have a mexican one.
so today I found out that I'm not the only person with this obsession, yes people in north carolina have opened their own shops called locopops. um, that's amazing! ha.

well kid's it's been a long couple of weeks, I've been working way too much! but is anyone going to monolith???? um yes this is going to be amazing. I also want to tell you that somewhere here in denver there is a free wheel!n station. I must find it- does anyone know where they put it? (if you have no idea what I'm talking about google it! cause it is a free bike rental stop).


C. said...

I live in five points! Where can I get a mexican popsicle?!

And I have "googled" myself before, nothing very exciting. A footnote in a law review article, some times from some old races I ran, etc... I feel like we've talked about this before... deja vu!

andrea ball said...

it's funny how much you can find out about someone.
i'm going to google you.

Stevie Necks said...

You are not alone.
One of THE best singers in the USA is also a fan of the Mexican Popsicle.
She was aka Allie Peden.
She is now aka Alva Leigh.
Watch this and fall in love.


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