Tuesday, October 7, 2008

being seven again.

This week I've thought a lot about what it was like being a kid. Mainly because I started tutoring second graders. Right after I started thinking about being 7 someone I went to second grade with emailed me, so random! I'm tutoring this one little boy who told me all he wanted was to make friends this year, oh it was so cute and sad.

cowboys and indians!
die !
does anyone remember those horses on a stick? you know, it was just a head, I wish I could find the one I had!
shoot off.
cowboys and indians!
well this is all really a plug for my friend drew, he took these pics so if you need pictures for your business, wedding or creative endeavor you can contact him. he is a great photographer, his email is Plus we've decided that this will be our new musical project it's called cowboys and indians. We have 3 little kids under the age of 7 as our back up singers. ha ha.

if any of you want to join we are going to watch this movie this week!

peace. out.

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