Thursday, October 23, 2008

feeling good, feeling great, how are you.

I just had caffine for the first time in months, i'm so jittery! It was not worth it!

So I'm making a dress out of this beautiful gold sheer vintage fabric! so much fun:
dress i'm making

dress i'm making

This week has been so productive and extremely creative. I'm really excited about a few things,
one. I finished 20 new shirts for you all.
two. I found the best spanish class and will now be a fluent speaker before you know it.
three. Sarah's fashion show is tonight! come out and hang with us, it's at wash park grille at 9pm.
four. I'm realizing that I love math, yes i'm completely nerdy deep down.
five. I finally feel like I have figured out what I want to do with myself since quitting my job at the label last year. It has been a very interesting process that I'm so glad is over!
six. Jeremy larson (who recorded my first cd) is releasing another- check it out:

and finally, my parents are such great people and would like to mention how much i appreciate them... and to my brother- who i know is reading this- call me! punk!

ok Well this weekend we are doing the photo shoot with the piano so it should be amazing- i'll give you a sneak peek next week.oh and if you haven't seen "son of Rambow" you need to watch it, it was the cutest movie! go now!

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