Tuesday, October 14, 2008

love letters.

today i started a new project. It has something to do with love letters, so I don't want to tell you the full story but check out this hilarious love letter I found today!!!??!! ha ha.

It's amazing to read a bunch of love letters, you see the most intimate sides of people. As I was thinking about it today I remembered the time i was flying to LA last summer. There was this odd guy who got on the plane and sat 2 rows behind me. When I got off the plane I walked all the way down the terminal got my luggage, and waited for 15 minutes for a bus to pick me up. As soon as I stood up to get on the bus he ran up to me tapped me on the shoulder and handed me this paper rolled up with a piece of toilet paper wrapped around it! and then he ran away without saying a single word! I read the letter and it was a very creepy poem, talking about how he was only 2 rows behind watching everything I did!!! I laughed histerically for a good 15 minutes with my friend Bethany smedly. and yes, I kept it just for the entertainment value.

well I'll keep you posted on this project... and if you have any amazing love letters please email them to me! (

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Dave said...

"we're only gonna die anyways"
truer words have never been spoken


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