Saturday, October 11, 2008


today I recorded a piano piece i wrote for a documentary. I named it ships, It'll be the intro to the movie. It's been a very creative day I wrote music, recorded music, practiced music with a band and almost got to participate in a sing-along with 3 little kids. I had so much fun. All of this has inspired a whole new musical project which we have entitled "shipsters". Yes we will have a bit of pirate and a bit of skinny jean to entertain all of you. I think we will be remixing the sad piano piece i wrote into a faster, electronic beat, djish song. So watch out people. ha ha.

well all day today I talked about going to south africa this winter. and this is where I want to stay:
cape town.... it may happen we'll see. The snow may kill me so I've got to get out of here!

In real news, I am going on a short tour to San Fran in November. This is so great! if you are out in California come see us, I'll post the dates as soon as it's all settled.

Good bye denver, I'm going to go put on another sweater and see what's happening in the city!

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