Sunday, December 7, 2008

late night andrea's jesus sighting.

so I'm bad at late nights I get crazy and start talking crazy. Tonight i don't feel crazy but maybe this post will get wild!

Lately not a lot of weird things have been happening- which is weird in and of itself. But anyways tonight I met "Jesus" or his real name was sebastian. He was playing at the Larimer lounge and I ran into his band mates at my show and they put me on the list. But he looked like mod jesus with some hip sun glasses. I thought I had reached heaven, especially when the back drop lights turned a bluish white, I was pretty sure everything had ended. When i heard he was french i began to question the Jesus status, but When I saw that the cover of his cd was him on a horse galloping over some butt cheeks I realized we were still on earth. Lol!!!

I got a button, for keepsakes....

peace out! hopefully I'll have some cool pics to post tomorrow for you all!

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