Monday, December 22, 2008

merry christmas!

merry christmas all!
I have had some crazy weeks, but I will be blogging regularly as soon as the craziness is over!
i hate shopping, merry christmas!
I want you all to know that as much as I hate to shop there is one place that I suggest you all make it to this year. That's sarah's on Gaylord in wash park. yes this is my friend sarah:
sarah and andrea
I want to put a warning out there for all you ladies: I was harassed by several different men at the nuggets game this week. If you are single and you really need a man- go to a nuggets game. I won't be back, but hey I was asked out 4 times within an hour and even offered money. I'm telling you what real men are hard to come by these days!
well kids this is one of the boys I tutor... cute, oh so cute, his name is adama. I tried to explain to him how basketball works (since we were at a nuggets game) and he apparently is not a fan, but hey i guess him and I have something in common- we hate nuggets games!!! ha ha.
adama, whiz kids!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I know all about the NUGGETS... Merry X-Mas. The one with the gun to your head, next album cover or at least a single, perhaps a cool.


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