Monday, December 1, 2008

the things that only happen to me.....

I bring out rage in people.

I have to say I once had a woman in a rage throw a hard starbucks scone at me. I did nothing to her but she broke down screaming and I was just standing there- I didn't even see it coming. it was wild.

Another time I was in Daz Bog and older man who worked there turn off the internet, screamed at us for using too much fake sugar and told us to leave. I seriously had no idea what was going on, I was sitting there doing my homework without saying much at all.

I also had an incident with my neighbor. I was painting a chair on the front lawn, minding my own business. my neighbor comes out screaming at me that, "this isn't the ghetto! get that chair off of the front lawn." I was shocked... he yelled more as he walked down the street.

Lastly, one of my neighbors from many years ago came to my front door (also in a rage) and knocked. He proceeded to steal my shoe by putting it down his pants and running away.
SERIOUSLY! I didn't ask for it back.

last night i was reminded of the time I was in a hit and run accident with my next door neighbor. He hit me and drove slowly away. I yelled obsentities at him as I was accidentally holding my phone to my ear... and the person on the other end thought I was dieing. lol. Later that night, after I had taken all the necessary precautions, the police came, but they just happened to bust down the wrong door. I could hear my neighbors screaming beneath me as the cop broke in loudly, without warning. I could also hear him loudly apologizing! I think he was high, I don't have any other conclusion as to how he could mistake it. Well people it's been 3 years and I've collected 1200 dollars from this man as he has been in prison paying for his crimes.

I could probably tell you 30 more stories just like these if not better.... why me?

probably cause they think i'm actually a pirate....

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Curt said...

Is the missing eye a result of bringing out someone's rage?


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