Sunday, January 11, 2009


i'm in aspen for the weekend. I thought while i was hanging out i'd send you all a bit of an update. I'm working with men's health magazine and we are throwing parties/having fun basically. But anyway we are skiing and eating lots of free food. I have to say being a girl in this town has it's rewards. the ratio up here of men to woman must be 10 to 1. i haven't had to pay for a single meal the entire time. But hey it's winter skol right now, this festival is amazing! I have met so many people while I've been up here. It looks like i'll get to work for the x-games in a couple of weeks as well as play some shows up here (met the main booking agency's owner). I also met some people from south america, which is great since i've been wanting to go hang out in Argentina for a long time now.

Well I'll be playing some shows coming up and I'm working hard on new music, so come out. We'll be opening for Rob Drabkin's cd release on the 23 @ the soiled dove. The next night we'll be out at the loft. For Valentines day I'm throwing a benefit show for love146. Would love it if you all came out for that.

So I'll share my pics of aspen with you all later. have a fantastic day.

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