Monday, January 12, 2009

*still alive* and my life is still flashing.

this morning I had a near death experience. I am still shaking and still scared out of my mind. I was driving 60mph down I-70 from Glenwood springs, which is approximately 3 hours from denver (in the mountains). it was hardly snowing and I really wanted to be home. my white honda accord has front wheel drive and I was confident that the 1/4 inch of snow on the ground wouldn't be a problem. Well before you know it, I round a corner and find myself losing control of my car. I tried tapping on the brakes but it just started to spin out of control. As I spun around three times I saw the head lights of a semi-truck and a subaru about 10 feet from crashing into me over and over again. yikes.
At this very moment what crossed my mind was "I can't control this anymore, I'm going to be hit hard by a semi-truck off the side of a mountain and my short life will come to an end". That's when I said "F--- it" extremely loud and let go of the steering wheel and took my foot of the pedals. That's exactly when my car SLAMED against the side of I-70 and the semi and subaru went plowing by at 65 miles an hour.
I immediately jumped out of my car that was now facing on-coming traffic and jumped off the side of the highway to shed some tears.

I have to tell you the last 6 hours have completely shaken me. I almost vomited on the side of the road this morning and I have so much to say about what I've been thinking about since.

I have to run but I'd like to tell you all about it soon, maybe later tonight. Ok I'm going to go shakingly to my next appointment.


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The student of life said...

Glad to hear you're OK! Sometimes life is _too_ exciting.


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