Sunday, March 8, 2009


I bought this crazy dress at the thrift store...

then went to erin's party at the hiatt, love that restaurant!


We also did the photo shoot with the piano yesterday. It is perfectly blue and light enough to carry around (if you haven't been reading my blog since august, when I dismantled it, it was ruff taking it apart). anyway it looked amazing and I'll be using those pics for my website and cd design. I'll have to show you the pictures I took with my parents because I got them playing the piano, they are cute.

Well as far as crazy stories go, I have been staying away from a lot of crazy people so I haven't been risking my life or other's lives. But I will say that i got a bike and I am a riding fool.

see you on the streets.


Sheri Carr said...

wow! that dress is fabulous and you look dynomite!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! how do you always look so pretty?

andrea ball said...

well thank you whoever you are : )


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