Saturday, April 18, 2009


First things first, I'm excited to say that I've booked new shows in Minneapolis. We'll be there from May 20-25th. If you are in St. Paul I hope you can come out and hang!!

Secondly, I'm glad to say that our Ep is going to be mixed down in LA in the next month or two. We are so excited to share our new music with the world! We have a full band including a bunch of extra instruments for your listening pleasure! Arron Johnson will be working on this for us woo! Also when that happens we'll be out in LA doing a show or two, so keep a look out for that. You can see our calendar of dates on

Also, I am looking to for another addition to my band. I'm looking for a violin or viola player who can run electronics as well. So if any of you lovely people out there are interested email me:

That is a fabulous update by yours truly. I just need you people to know that the rain in colorado is crazy! Come to find out that my roof is not exactly leak proof! So we are loving the moisture, especially since it's making it's fabulous way into our living room. AHH.

As I've booked these shows in mineapolis I ran across this amazing music from their local scene (

Breanne Duren:

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