Monday, May 18, 2009

all the good news!

Ladies and gents, I have been deathly sick in the last week- but I am finally recovering and want you to know a few things.

One, I'm Leaving for minneapolis this week!

two, we are getting the opportunity to record 3 more songs! ya! and ya! the engineer's wife had a heart attack during our session, which was so horrible for everyone involved. But because of the crazy circumstances (which she is doing well now) we get to go in and do more! i'm thrilled. So it means you are going to have to wait till we get done.

Three, I'm stoked to say I attended the Flight of the conchords concert on Saturday night. I bought a ticket last minute and had a blast!!!! it was so fun.

Four, i'm having cool tee's and stickers made.... anyone have request for special merch? I bought a capo from Trace Bundy the other night and thought about how I definitely need more merch.

Lastly, I found out that some coffee shop in seattle was playing my cd when one of my friends walked in today! Love that
! plus I just love seattle! I HEART YOU!

ok I'll post pics and better updates soon- probably wednesday when i'm in Minneapolis!

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