Wednesday, May 27, 2009


wow. sorry I haven't written in forever! You know I've had a ton going on, I thought I'd have a chance to catch up in minnesota, but I was wrong!

so my brother finally got married! woo- here's some photo's i took,

pat and can

pat and can
bride and a ball


Well I have to say I've had a crazy week.... I played some shows in minneapolis, had dinner with some priests out there (no i'm not catholic), went to the wedding and well I was extremely tired. and the tiredness caused a fainting/passing out on monday which caused some hospital visits. Which caused me to have an interaction with a doctor that was unpleasant. She was saying the most ridiculous things, seriously, who hires these people?

Well overall it was a good time, i'm just glad to be home!
the priests
these guys took me to the university club in saint paul ordered a fancy meal and told me stories about mother teresa. It was entertaining!

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