Wednesday, July 29, 2009

crazy drunks

ok. did i tell you guys about how i was chased by a crazy drunk man a week ago? no?

well I was chased, and he was screaming the F word at me. Ya basically i was minding my own business when I came upon this guy walking toward me. he started yelling and i started to cross the street. As i ran right he ran right and then tried to grab me! so i went left, he went left. Then I was running for my life down broadway.

It was dramatic. luckily he was way too drunk to catch me and of course I'm way too fast (ha ha). I only wish that I was wearing this tee-shirt at that moment, love this...:

I'm telling you what this is the kind of thing that happens to me on a daily basis.

well here's a little bit of what we did (completely sober) at the UMS this weekend:


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