Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm sorry i've been gone! i'm jumping back on this blog train immediately!

so i have a show on saturday and it would mean a lot if you came!!!

july 1

I am about to embark on some amazing adventures. One is we are going for Adds on 300 college radio stations starting in August!

two! I am so excited to say we get to do more songs in John Macy's rad studio the 8th of August! we'll be finishing all the songs for our recording! ya.

three. I'm up for some t.v. shows! we'll hopefully be added to a few MTV reality shows in the next few months.

four! I am excited to say that our soul band is going to be performing august 7th!

ok there is so much to say. Lately I've been incredibly busy, but i want all you out there to know that I'm extremely excited for what's coming up!

I'll keep you in the Loop, see you on saturday!

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