Saturday, July 25, 2009

The last few days...

The last few days have been comical and entertaining. Let's start with this story: I was walking innocently down the street, no one was around and it was early in the morning. there were trees and there were streets, that's it. Out of no where, falling from the sky, comes a Blueberry Muffin- and hits me in the head! ha ha ha ha. I just about fell over laughing.

Then I proceeded to purchase this really great tee shirt:

I want to wear it everyday until the movie comes out! can't wait!

Last night I spent my time at the UMS (underground music showcase), I'll be playing there sunday at 8pm @ the hi-dive so come out! I happen to love this ice cream shop that is on broadway (where the festival is). come to find out they happen to have home made popscles, which happen to be my favorite thing in the world:

then I finally bought the lastest from Bat for lashes. I love her music and style and everything...

well there's more to come from me. I'll be taking pics at the festival and sharing them with you shortly. so if you come out to broadway this weekend say hi to me.


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