Thursday, July 30, 2009

rebok pumps

i have to tell you that i bought a pair of high waisted jeans and now i'm browsing the rebok pumps. if you are wondering what is wrong with me I can't answer that question. but i can say that i'm excited for the 90's to come back in fashion, i'm talking baggy clothes, especially boy cut jeans. I heart them.

Well i wrote 4 songs in the last week and a half. I'm plugging away every night writing music and writing music.... here are some lines from the songs I just wrote.

She went up in fire
he went up in flames

every single day
you do all the same things
make the same mistakes
and wonder why you never change.

Glass wall, you're lovely
and she would love you
if you only wanted her to.
Glass wall between you,
if you would love her
then it'd be a reason to stay

you had the desire
to make it change
and you and it inside you
but you are the one i blame.

so I went up in fire
and you went down in flames

Glass wall, she's lovely and
she would love you,
but there's just no reason to stay.

it's called glass wall, maybe i should call it flames. There are a lot more lyrics but i thought i'd give you a tid bit. I had a drunk drunk girl come up to me this weekend and tell me my songs were "from the gut". It cracked me up, cause honestly they aren't that dramatic. I guess i feel that if you can't be honest in music than what are you going to write about... i don't know. But hey life is hard enough, and pretending it's not must be hard to do.

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Anonymous said...

you should def post the full lyrics its so hard to find and im sooo IN LOVE with this songg


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