Wednesday, August 19, 2009

foo me once...

soo i'm about to complain.


I know most of you have seen 500 days of summer. If you haven't then good for you!!! you have not been tricked! In my opinion this movie (while I enjoyed it) was a complete blockbuster disguised as an indie film. I felt tricked. You know I have been a salesman before and I know what it takes to get people to buy something and well i'm greatly disappointed that this company decided to make this look really interesting, small budget film, when in the end all it truly was was a cheesy romantic comedy with a sad twist, but of course a happy ending (because if it didn't have that happy ending everyone would go home and shoot themselves afterwords).

don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie I just wish it was marketed to me in a different manner, because I really thought I was going to see a small independent film.

Ok here is the one thing I did like (below). I wish we all could randomly break out in dance sequences in our everyday lives, truly i wish music would just start playing and everyone would do a synchronized dance in the middle of our day.... don't you?

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