Monday, August 3, 2009

so i'm being stalked by a body builder

so i'm being stalked by a body builder. He is coming to my work and telling me the most ridiculous things. He said to me, "you need a bigger ego". then he told me that if i don't look good naked then what is the point of working out? I mean this guy is ridiculous. He kept having the receptionist call up to my office today to ask if i could come downstairs. he was intense and I was hoping to never talk to him again, but unfortunately he has my direct office line.


So I wrote another song.....

I've been losing you slowy,
it's hard to say whether you'll stay
or stick around

moon and stars,
blue light
forest tree's
heavy breeze,
I've been looking for what i lost
but maybe you've lost me.

You've been losing me slowly
it's hard to say whether i'll stay or stick around

Dim the lights
cast your shade
watch it all go up in a blaze
and then you'll say,
"I'm looking for what i've lost"
But you won't find me.

You will have to, come and find me
it's not my fault that you're too late
and you're not sure whether to stay
or to stick around.

I know a lot of my songs sound like love songs, but that's not the case. I think most of them are about specific stories I have in my head, that i never really tell anyone about, because those are my stories, so it shall, for the most part, remain a mystery to you.

so goodbye for today.

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thequarterdeck said...

You work in an office?? ...Oh my friend... We must get you out of there. Best crank out that album faaast! We mustn't lose you!


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