Sunday, September 13, 2009


so it rained a bit too much yesterday, last time i tried to bring an umbrella into red rocks they wouldn't let me so i didn't bring one.

we ended up using this... ha ha ha..

I have to say I think monolith was better last year, as far as bands go. But I did enjoy myself... I think cotton jones was one of my favorites. other than that M.ward was there, but he had a bunch of studio musicians with him, which I always think is kind of cheesy (not that anyone else would notice). Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros put on a hilarious performance, definitely got a kick out of their personalities. They were one of the better shows of the day. I didn't get to see the indoor bands because everyone was swarming down there to get out of the rain. But the yeah yeah yeah's definitely put on a memorable show. Go karen o!

MONOLITH yeah yeah yeah

well this is really the only take i have on this for now... except i didn't get a tee shirt, because it's hard to find the merch at this festival. here's the one i bought last time:

heat shield

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