Tuesday, September 29, 2009

october 16th!

Where The Wild Things Are

so summer is over.

my cd is being mixed down this week!

and what else... these are the bad movies i saw this week: the informant-got so bored i walked out, Love Happens-well i expected this to be bad, the september issue- yikes just another way to market someone's agenda.

Honestly, i'm getting so tired of tricky marketing schemes. I've had a few people in the last two days come up to me saying they want to go to the "get motivated" conference here in denver. I look at them and I've said, why would you want to go to a conference that is a giant marketing scheme for the republican party? seems strange to me. They respond without even realizing that all of the speakers at this thing are republicans. yikes. bored. tired of this same 'trick'. i have news for you laura bush, i'm not motivated. and elway- really? come on. FOO ME ONCE!
lol. actually i wouldn't mind hearing these speakers, it's more about how they marketed this event to me. ahhhh. need a break from salesmen.

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