Sunday, October 25, 2009

songs for sunday + boyfriends

hello! thanks to everyone who came on saturday night. we had a blast playing walk the line. well the new cd is being mastered this week... so excited for the completion of this project! well here's what i'm doing today...

painted and redecorated. woo.

my dad came over and commented on this... ha ha... he's says, "what is this picture of naked people running about?" lol. he's hilarious. I'm finally getting my poster collection going. I'm up to a whole 10 posters.

i have to tell you i'm so excited that the boyfriend cut jean is back!!!! this is my favorite cut of jeans. THANK GOD BAGGY IS BACK, most people look bad is tight jeans, let's just admit it.

so i didn't have time to discover new music this week, so I put some of my favorites in for a little bit of songs on sunday. this first song is my absolute favorite!

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