Saturday, November 28, 2009

love this...

Last night I was a part of a really cool program brought to you by the city of denver. "piano's around denver" They painted piano's and put them around the city for people to play, so fun! So they hired me to play for a while last night, I'll have to post pictures later but here are two of the pianos they had on the streets:

I've also been trying to find the website where you can sponsor Boulder Acoustic Society's mustaches. I unfortunately can't find the page, but for now they are passing out fake stache's for everyone at their shows. Love it! Let's start a mustache graffiti gang? you in?

This little "missed connection" goes out to my friend daylene. I read this blog a while back from sophie blackall, and well she illustrates the missed connections section of craigslist. I'm glad i wasn't the only one who found it entertaining to read that section on occasion!

see her other illustrations HERE

On another note i want to let Tom's know that I really hope the kids I buy my toms for get a sparkly par of shoes. I have the gold ones and sometimes I just wish the kid in Africa had the gold pair too! I'm just going to pretend that they do. And for Christmas i'm going to buy myself the sparkly black pair and pretend the kid in Africa or Thailand is sporting his sparkly pair too. One day I'd love to take tom's to kids, i just love it.


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