Monday, November 9, 2009

songs for.. ummmm. monday?

ok i'll admit i'm all over the place right now, i didn't do songs for sunday because instead I went to the Dirty Projectors at the bluebird last night... so let this be an alternative to that,

with bjork:

I have to say this band was crazy. They had some amazing moments- mostly when one of the girls were singing. Dave Longstreth (the lead singer) was too much for me! They did do 2 accoustic songs which were amazing! The electric stuff all started to sound the same and the details of every song were so over the top. so there you have it- I like their song two doves, and stillness on the move, and I can appreciate how out of the box they are... but it was an intense show and so out there that i'm not sure i would go and see them again. I take that back, if Dave would stop singing and turn his electric guitar down a notch or two I would return to see them again. ha ha!

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