Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 things I would like to blame other people for....

1. first and foremost, I need to blame the government for administering aids and hiv, actually I blame Kanye for making me suspect that. ha ha ha!

2. I would like to blame the fact that I occasionally buy a fountain soda drink on Angie Oatley, before I met her I never drank soda. YOU!!!!!

3. I blame you CARL for making me sing "NEW YORK!" for days! and for causing me go listen to Alicia Key's new album. YOUR FAULT! oh and Joe I blame you for the phrase "fair enough" and I blame you that carl is saying it just as much as you are now. ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! : )

4. I would like to blame Michael Jackson for the ring tone that is on my phone right now. if he was still alive it wouldn't be there, I also blame him for it being 1.99.

5. Patrick Ball, I would like to blame you for making me say "yo" all the time. Clearly that is your fault. I blame your wife too, somehow she plays a part.

6. I blame Beyonce for the word "Boo" or "my boo" yuck!!!! yuck yuck!

7. I blame chris Kuehl for my addiction to bat for lashes!! LOVE HER!!! Chris is an amazing photographer, he took this picture of me at the top of this page. see his photography HERE.

8. Susanna, i blame you for the fact that i watched a david grey video. And for (terrible terrible) "the yes men fix the world" this is her, she is to blame.

9. I blame Frederic Chopin for sometimes crying when i hear this:

10. and finally i blame 2012 on SARAH PALIN. I don't know why but she needs to be blamed for something, and why not for this? thanks to everyone who thinks we're all going to die. Life is so much better that way.

goodbye, I'm going to go play music now. LET ME KNOW WHO YOU'D LIKE TO BLAME. i think this is a great topic.


Anonymous said...

aaaaahhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!

love this.

cassanova said...

what if we do die in 2012? i hope sarah can do something about this.

Torey x. said...

wow, amazing blog and youre a brilliant singer!
love this!!


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