Saturday, January 23, 2010

hello there

It's almost my birthday. woo.

it's my birthday

This is a preview from the photo shoot we did last week. I'll share more with you in the next few days...and send you to my lovely friend Jenn's website so you can check it out.

This week has been incredibly strange, but I'm really excited because tomorrow is my birthday and my CD's are being shipped to me! yes. woot woot.

Also I would like you all to know that I just started another musical project yesterday. It's called....

george... my girl band

it's me and three of my friends... Bethany Johnson, Jessica Sonner, and Elanor Perry-Smith, more introductions to come!!!!

Also! I'm still dreaming of my cupcake store- how bout this (tour bus/part time cupcake shop????) yes!

Well I just thought i'd stop in this morning.... I'll be back with songs for sunday sooooooon.

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