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This is the story of how the album {dial tone} all began, it strange but you need to know how very funny/true it is...
I spent a lot of time writing these songs. Initially I wanted this to be an album of love letters, something I wrote about other people's experiences. I would gather letters and try to understand how exactly other people were seeing the world and then write a song about it. I started by reading letter after letter and asking people to see their letters. I then began reading handwritten letters I had found online until one day a funny thing happened... I was on an airplane going to California and this odd man wrote me a love letter while we were flying and gave it to me when we got the the airport. I found it coincidental that the very thing I was looking for was handed to me by a stranger and wrapped in toilet paper (NOT KIDDING)! I saved the letter because I thought this was such and hilarious experience. I mean this very strange guy sat behind me on a two hour flight writing this, then he proceeded to follow me. He followed me from the plane to the bathroom to the baggage claim, to the customer service line, then outside to the bus stop. This is where he walked up to me- didn't say a word- and handed me this-
the love letter from the plane
Obviously he was little off- people don't really go around doing this sort of thing. But I had to admit there was something I couldn't help but love! and that's the fact that someone was strange enough to do this! So I began to re-think the album. Why was I reading love letters from other people when I had been given plenty of my own. So I began writing songs, personal songs about love. One of my favorite songs on the album is called plane crash, and it's partly born out of this experience on the plane. Yet, obviously not about this strange airport man. But it's about how sometimes Love is better from the ground. "Dial Tone" is tied into this idea with the line "put on your parachute" foreshadowing the theme of the rest of the album, as it ends with "Plane Crash" and a song called "Blind"

Every song is personal, and every story is hard to tell, unless of course it's sung. I hope you buy the album and that you enjoy it!

If you want one please pay pal me 10 bucks at with your mailing address in an email and this CD will arrive on your doorstep by March 23rd (official release date)

about these guys: I recorded this in John Macy's studio (amazing place). Nathan Johnson produced this album find him HERE or HERE
or here... (I stole this from his facebook page, but isn't it beautiful? and this is Katie Chastain, his fiancee)

here are the lyrics to my song Dial Tone

Put on your Parachute chute chute chute

you got a busy tone
when you called emergency
I called heard you on the phone
cause that's when you started calling me

There's no escape plan B
is out of question
so stay or keep on walking
stay or keep on walking

Dial Tone you've got your doubts doubts
Dial Tone you've got your doubts doubts
Everybody needs you
and you need a way out out out.

Take a look at my eyes
take a look at me now
i've been holding you back
and you've been holding me down

I know it's harsh
but It's the truth,
everybody's packing
so put on your parachute.

Dial Tone you've got your doubts doubts
Dial Tone you've got your doubts doubts
Everybody needs you
and you need a way out out out.

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