Saturday, January 2, 2010


so last night we played this gig for the city. they hired us to come and then mid way through we got kicked out. HA! i found this both annoying and hilarious and the same time.

Well I hope your new years was fantastic. I had a great time... i didn't take any pictures, but I wish i had now because there were so many hilarious moments I can't even count them. All I know is that the night ended with going to a doughnut shop, where at 4 in the morning we were in the company of the crazy! one lady was twitching and the rest of the men looked like they escaped from prison! We decided to leave- even though for me the joy of eating a doughnut is all about eating it at the doughnut shop. HA! ok well i'm going to another new years party this evening, i'm tired of partying. Tomorrow, i will list my favorite albums of 2009! o yeah see you then!

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