Saturday, February 13, 2010

one year ago today

one year ago I wrote this in my journal. thought it'd be funny to share a page. random. but exactly a year.

As I was leaving my house earlier today I saw this cassette tape on the counter in the hallway of my building. It said "what hell is really like" I was kind of thrown off by this strange thing and grabbed it so I could listen to it in my car and have a good laugh. I really wanted to know the truth about hell unfortunately, the tape was blank.
Then, I was supposed to go get this piano from this woman on craig's list. I talked to her and she sounded normal, then she called twice while I was running and left threatening messages about me coming to get the piano. I was kind of scared of her by the time I listened to the second message. wow, I didn't call her back or go get it... um I'm thinking she might chop me in pieces if I entered her home.
After all this went down, I saw a girl stealing rocks. she had pulled her car over to the side of colfax and speer and was taking rocks from an area that was clearly landscaped by the city. Some people have serious balls. When she saw me walking by she got scared and gave me a frightened look. I just wanted to yell at her-come on woman! you are stealing on the corner of speer and colfax- at least 500 people have already seen what you are doing, don't give me that dumb look!

I'm seriously thrown off by today. I woke up singing this meiko song "what are you going to do, what are you going to say, when it's all said and done" and then I ran into this guy on the street who has caused me to have a panic attack once before. So I tried to blow it off, but things only got stranger from there. So now I'm sitting on my couch at 8:44, thinking about how life down here is fragile, and everyone has an opinion about how you should handle it. As if anyone knows how we should handle it.
Time is flying by, yet there are people stealing rocks, leaving cassette tapes about hell in my hallway and threatening me about useless garbage. We are all handling this poorly.

that was probably the most random day of 2009. bye!

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