Sunday, February 14, 2010

songs for sunday. amazing.

WOW. the show last night was fantastic. I knew it'd be good but I had no idea how great it would be. I was completely entranced with both acts. This first act is called wildbirds and Peacedrums. They are a married couple from sweden, who basically only play drums. She used a metal drum that sounded amazing! I wish I would have captured that for you, but I needed to watch more than record. They were so good that at the end of their set I tried to get an encore going.
here they are:


then came St. Vincent. I have to tell you Annie Clark is perfect. Everything was wildly polished and amazing. I captured the first two songs of her set. Let me tell you though, she built her set where towards the end you were just floored by her. I really wish I had captured a few of her later songs but like I said I needed to watch!

her second song:

Annie Clark aka St Vincent @ Neumos

this is my music post for sunday.... I hope that if you are in another state that you do go to her show, it was worth the 10 bucks. If I would have had more cash I would have bought everything at the merch table. That's how great it was.

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