Saturday, February 6, 2010

songs for sunday!

this week has been interesting! I have so much to say! well first let me start with the dance music I promised from last week. I had my whole bit about crying and now I'm taking it to the other end of the spectrum. so this is it: La roux. Totally over the top but can't help liking it kinda music. Throwing us back to the 80's in such an amazing way. HA.

Tap Tap Song of the Week 1-7-10 from Taptap Songs on Vimeo.

this video inspires me to get some zebra print in my life. I have been wanting that fake zebra head from anthropology.
source: we heart it
source: we heart it
source: we heart it
glam flash back
source: we heart it

I moved last week and it was more random and unexpected than I would have ever imagined. I had been living in a condo downtown for 4 years and not looking to move. Well randomly it all came together in a week and I was out of there into a new space with 2 friends that I completely love! It's crazy, but great!

We had our first dinner party to thank all the boys who helped me out- thank you guys--
ya new house
we have been "partying" ever since, breakfast with the ladies (bethany, jess & eleanor) yesterday was fabulous, just talking about new creative ventures we are creating over lemon poppy seed pancakes. they are awesome!
Also my friend Justin fixed my record player! omy!!!! I am so excited he took this old school tape reel that I bought at the thrift store, because I thought it was so cool, and made it into an amp for my record player! I was so excited jumping around and amazed. He also fixed my ultra cool 1960's lamp. THANK YOU!!!!

ya it's fixed!

cheers to new beginnings and lots of laughs!

also...I've been meaning to share this song for a while, but haven't been able to find it on lala... so there you go more music to listen to....

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Yvonne said...

I know right! The Anthropologie zebra head is AWESOME, I'm working on mine right now and just finished the first layer of paper mache.

btw. I love your blog it so inspiring!

Lots of love from the Netherlands



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