Monday, February 1, 2010

ya this happened, and we're embarrassed

do you remember how, back in the day, people would walk down the street with boom boxes on their shoulders playing the loudest music they could? It seems so archaic that I almost don't believe it ever happened! I can remember seeing this when I was a kid and thinking back on it makes me want to cry from laughter. I mean, really, think about it, this is what the hippest people did in 1985. wow, look how far we've come. I mean we'll be telling our kids this one day, and they won't believe us. Tonight since I can't sleep and it's 3:32 Am. I've decided that I need to buy a boom box, some high tops and recreate this magic. so which one should I buy?

which one should i buy?

which one should i buy?

which one should i buy?

should I get a sweat suit too? ha just kidding

I'm going to get this white one, what do you think?
re-creating magic
and before you know it I'll look just like this. ha

OK well good night, or should I say good morning, it's almost 4 am now, still can't fall asleep. yikes. well happy Monday!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

my vote is on the yellow!

Maria InĂªs said...

Wow, where have you seen those nike?!
I just love them! I tried on nike website but couldn't find'em...
so totally love them...

kiss kiss*


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