Thursday, March 11, 2010

let's talk about how much i love music.

GO HERE to read the review about dial tone in the Westword.

Here are some musical things that are inspiring me today!

Let's talk about how I need one of these, and how I'm going on a solo tour with just this instrument... ha ha

betty davis, you're hair is amazing. I wish I were as rockstar as you....

alright can I just say that I love these wallets. you can buy it HERE I WANT ONE!

a little while back, someone emailed me from another state and asked if they could make a shirt with my face on it! so here it is!

this is why I love the internet... Somebody, anybody can contact you if they feel like it and make a shirt for you. It is amazing how you can connect with anyone around the world. LOVE IT! Plus I just love presents in general, get me a present and I'll be your best friend... ha ha, partly true.

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