Sunday, March 28, 2010

Songs for Sunday brought to you by Nathan Johnson

Thanks to everyone who came out to the CD Release! It was a blast, the show sold out! and I loved the horn section. yes thank you Joe and Jason!!!!! I'll be putting up some footage from that eventually as well as pictures. But today I asked Nathan Johnson to put together a playlist for us.... so here you go!

He produced three of these songs and the other two musicians (by son lux, jonny rodgers) are friends of his.

all their peculiar ways by new volunteer

Break by Son Lux

Jonny Cash is dead by The New Time

easy days by Katie Chastain

little foxes by Jonny Rodgers

If you'd like to find out more about him you can go HERE

Recently nathan has been working on Katie Chastain's new album, check here out HERE. he also composed the music for this short film, brought to you by Hit Record. It's called Morgan & Destiny's Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo. If You'd like to check out Hit Record, it's a site where you can collaborate your film/music/art with people around the world. It's free to join and it's pretty fantastic, go HERE

here's a little video of what hitrecord is all about...

Also... I had shirts made... I'm going to get some real pictures of them later, but here's a preview- they come in white, grey, mint green and pink.


if you'd like to buy one, send me an email at I'm going to set up a store for them later today, thanks!

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