Sunday, April 4, 2010


OK. I wanted to let you all know the full story about my "stolen" or should I say "hostage" car situation. some of you have been interested and I really didn't want to get into it, but I'm going to, only because you requested it.

OK. So 5 years ago I was given a family "heirloom" as my brother would like to say, ha ha. It's a Volkswagen Beetle. I wanted to use it on the side and fix it up for fun. My mom was a bit worried about me owning it because it's kind of dangerous. One time when she was driving the steering wheel came off!!!! I was screaming and told her I was going to jump out of the car! ha ha ha. We were going 50 miles an hour at that point.

So needless to say she was nervous. She was not completely able to give up control of the car, she still needed to be in the middle because of her fear for my life. ha! Anyway so I wanted to get the car painted. She decided on this guy who said he could do it for 1600 bucks. I went to meet this guy and I thought he was SKETCHY. I told my mom that I did not want this guy doing work on it. She did not listen to me. Instead she gave it to this man, along with 1100 dollars.

HE REFUSED TO GIVE IT BACK! so my mom fought with him for a while and I was pissed off. But my mom refused to give me his information, phone number/address etc... So eventually I let it go, because there wasn't anything I could do since I had no idea how to contact him and my mom, once again, was afraid I would get myself in a dodgy situation since he IS CRAZY.

So anyway he proceeded to call us about 2 weeks ago, telling us to come get the car. I WAS SHOCKED AND PISSED. he is clearly out of his mind!!!! So I called him, after my mom gave me all the information, FINALLY. He then decided he wasn't going to give it back to me! He hung up the phone on me several times!!!!!! I'm like what the h--- you called me to get this car and now you won't give it back to me????

So I called the cops/lawyers etc... I now have the car back. It was never painted and it looks like crap, because he messed with it. But at the very least I have the car. GEEZ.

I will eventually have to file a suite if I want to get the money back. but at least i have the *&#$! car! GEEZ.

Alright now you know!!!!!!!!!!

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patrick said...

sue the shit out of Jerry Paddea.


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