Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my attempt to paint something today...

today I made my first attempt to paint. let me just say I'm not any sort of painter. that's really my brother's forte. But sometimes I'd like to be a painter, for some strange reason I have no idea. But I just love this idea of drawing and painting over it. So I made an attempt to copy someones piece of art...

my attempt to paint

maybe in a year or so I'll be amazing. ha ha... I mean the equipment I used to paint all of this cost me a total of 3 dollars. This is the kind of hobby I think I'd like to stick to, so cheeeeeeaaap.

On other news I'm so tempted to buy a new car right now. I've been debating do I sell my car and start over or do I continue to drive it forever until it dies? it probably won't die for another 5 or 6 years.

I have to say this whole "hula hooping" craze is amazing me. after one of my gigs we actually hula hooped for a few hours! it was so entertaining. Goal today: buy a hula hoop. HA!
goodbye... I'll leave you with a few things I have to get for summertime because I'm gearing up for the best summer yet!

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