Sunday, April 4, 2010

songs for sunday!!!

lion face boy by seabear

to travels and trunks by hey marseilles

curs in the weeds by horse feathers

by she & him

simon says by lahel

hey all. I got my car back. it's a miracle! I have to say some funny things have been happening to me in the last few days... Some great things have happened too. I recently was contacted by mtv, so look out for my songs playing in the background of some reality tv show soon. ha!

Anyway we had our first rooftop dinner party... ha. we sat around and ate sushi until the wind picked up my plate and splashed it on someone. Then we went inside. But hey we tried! hopefully summer gets here soon.

well i'll be back later tonight to post something, but for now I have to run. HAPPY EASTER.

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