Friday, April 2, 2010

stolen cars and other news.

well everybody, we get to open for horse feathers at the hi dive. I'm excited, it's exciting and I think you should be excited too. They are great! That's May 14th everybody. Oh and if you are in denver you can get a physical copy of dial tone at: Water Course, city o city, twist and shout, fashion denver and everyone anywhere can get it on CDbaby.

Alright I want you all to know, that I own a second car, it's a Volkswagon. It was ganked by a crazy man who has been refusing to give it back, simply because he stole the money I gave him to paint it. Yes he had a shop, it's now closing, and he was supposed to make my car look amazing. Scammed. I'm hoping to get it back tomorrow but all i can do is hope!

it was supposed to be painted pink, but i think it's probably still silver.

well it's almost summer I can't wait to do rooftop parties!!!!
ok bye for now.


Laurie Granger said...

i expect an invite to rooftop parties. the end.

Laurie Granger said...
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andrea ball said...


Laurie Granger said...

give me the word and ill be there.


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