Thursday, April 29, 2010

this is what my life is like.

ok let me tell you this day was comical. First, I was at a training session earlier and well the "trainer" told everybody that he eats taco bell everyday for lunch and has been doing that for 18 years. since 1992!!!!!! OH wow. I cannot believe that this happens. I think there should be a petition against places like these, they should be illegal. I mean is that real food? or is it just the left over carcass of the cow all crushed up and put through a strainer- I pretty much think option B.

Then! I was at a restaurant, where this guy comes up to me right after I sat down and says "you dropped this, I think" and hands me a wad of cash. So I'm totally embarrassed because I happened to have a ton of cash on me. But I can't determine whether this was my cash or if it was someone elses. So I proceed to go to the bathroom where I fail to lock the door. At this point I sit down and start counting the wad of twenty's. At this point someone walks in on me! so i'm sitting on the toilet counting twenty's. geez. that must have looked weird. All that to say I still don't know if that cash was mine. Whatever, I have no idea, basically I have no idea how many twenty's were in my purse to begin with.

Then I sit down and the bar tender gives me a free glass of wine.

All of this after a heated confrontation with a stranger who eventually proceeded to slam her door in my face. this has been quite the day! so comical.

woo. taking a deep breath while scratching my eyes. they hurt.

ok can I just say that this fashion photographer is amazing.
paolo roversi

paolo roversi

and also can i please have my very own lion? maybe a miniture, about the size of a dog. if only....

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